1. Learn To Gain Control Of Your Revenue
    and know when deals will fail or succeed
  2. A Systematic Way to Improve your Forecast 
    and remove the guessing
  3. Build A Systematic & Effective Method 
    that will move leads into closed sales
  4. Understand Pipeline Management
    and how it affects the success of your business
  5. Breakdown Of The Sales Stages
    and the info you need to provide to customers
What will you find in "From Lead To Deal"?
During my 20+ years journey as a sales professional, I often noticed that pipeline management was more a check-the-box exercise, sometimes even interwoven with some mystery, rather than a systematic approach.

We all need systems in order to scale our business and performance.  

A pipeline management system has so many benefits for you.  
You are no longer dependent on guesswork, but you work with the data you get from your customers to understand in what sales stage you are, and what you need to move this opportunity forward.

For me it has led to far better revenue control and much more that you will read in the ebook.

I published this ebook to give you a 100% solid system to manage your pipeline.

And this ebook is packed with information over 25 pages, so it is more than just a glorified marketing tool. 

Enjoy the read, and I am curious to know what you think about it.

Best regards,

Cedric Royer

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